Deputy, Reeve and Administrator:

Reeve Jeanne Marie de Moissac
Deputy Reeve Brian Watson
Administrator Sandi Silvernagle
Signing Authority Reeve and Administrator Deputy Reeve (Alternate to Reeve)


Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief:

Fire Chief Kelly Dorosh
Deputy Fire Chief Errol Horst

Fire Rangers:

Division #1 Brad Poletz
Division #2 Rob Danychuk
Division #3 Dale Thomson
Division #4 Barry Sagon
Division #5 Greg Mundt
Division #6 Brian Watson


Wheatland Regional Library & Lionel A. Lorraine Heather
Jones Library Joanne Meszaros (Alternate)

Pounds & Poundkeepers:

Division #1 & #2 Ptn. NE 35-35-15-W3
Division #3 & #6 Robert Taylor, SE 24-24-17-W3
Division #4 Nick Senik, SE 15-37-13-W3
Division #5 Ptn. NW 25-37-15-W3

Weeds & Pest Control:

Weed Inspector & Pest Control Officer ---- ---- ----


Economic Development and Administrators:

Bear Hills Economic Development Corp. ---- ---- ----
Assessor, Administrator of Stray Animals Act, Development Permit Officer, EMO Co-ordinator Administrator
Building Inspector Chris Gates, BuildTECH Consulting and Inspections