Official Zoning Bylaw Map

Official Zoning Bylaw Map all development within the limits of the Municipality shall be in conformity with the provisions of their bylaw, subject to the right of appeal provisions of the Act.  You may download copy of Zoning Bylaw Map found on this page.

Official Zoning Bylaw Document

This is a Bylaw to control the use and development of the land in the municipality and assist in implementing the Official Community Plan.  You may download Zoning Bylaw found on this page and arrange to print it by yourself.

Zoning Bylaw Forms

Zoning regulations affect not only what land uses are permitted on a property but also what can be built as well as provides other regulations such as lot size, type of buildings, etc. If you need Forms for the Building and Development Permits please visit Forms/Permits page.

Zoning Bylaw Map.