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Rural Municipality of Biggar Saskatchewan.


Greeting from the Reeve

Just when we thought it would never rain again on the Prairies, that our colors would forever be dun and dead, the Prairie shows her Meadow Face.  The world turned green again. Most of the crop is planted, calves are on the ground and fat with the lusciousness of enough rain and gardeners are patient, waiting for a show.  “Summer time….and the living is easy”, words of a famous song that doesn’t apply to the Prairies.  Here the light goes on forever and there’s a job every where you look.

With all the extra moisture, the RM crew is working hard between showers to get the gravel out and our major roads graded.  As soon as the main roads are in order we will start on the back roads. To help with gravel the RM has contracted Trent Silvernagle and Dean Remeshylo to haul for us. The mowing program will start the end of June…already the grass has gone to seed, and most roads will be done twice. Chandra Archdekin, our Pest Control Officer has, with the cooperation of the Town and the Department of Highways, developed a plan to control the Baby’s Breath within a five-mile radius of the town. This will involve a spraying and mowing program.

The RM traded off the 2013 John Deere 8706P and the 2019 Cat 140 M3 Graders and purchased a new Cat 160JOY Grader.  With up-to-date warranties and machines, hopefully the graders stay out of the shop and on the road.

The RM hired AllOut Drilling to dig a new well at the Monarch Well site.  Land was purchased to increase the size and convenience of the site. The well has been dug (tapping into the mighty Judith), holding tanks were purchased and now the crew will landscape the sight.

There have been inquiries about a Rate Payers’ meeting.  After consultations with rate payers, Council felt the best time would be in March. The date has been set for “Coffee with Council” for March 17, 2025 from 9:00 till 11:00.  Our regular council meetings are public and you are more than welcome and encouraged to bring any concerns you may have to a meeting. Alternatively, please feel free to call the office or any of your Councilors.

Unfortunately, the RM is in litigation with a former, disgruntled employee.  I hate to spend your money on these kinds of issues but in all transparency, you need to know where your money is going. 

Our foreman, Derek Custer, has given his notice.  We are sorry to see him go and wish the best for him.   Troy McCarty, our Assistant Foreman, is ably acting, at the present time, as Foreman. 

This spring we hired Mathew Kappel from Landis and recently added Chris Kinzel to our team. Welcome!

The RM has sold Springwater Hall to Springwater’s community organization.  There has been much activity in Springwater and the hall will be well-used and definitely well taken care of.

I will close by wishing all of you a safe and wonderful summer.



The RM is commencing the mowing program on July 3, 2024. Anyone wanting to hay ditches please contact the RM office before July 19 and advise the location of ditches you wish to cut and bale. Please have bales removed by August 15, 2024, as per policy 400-4.

Phone: 306-948-2422

Email: rm347csr@sasktel.net


PUBLIC NOTICE: Road No. 146-149 between Correction Line and Tower has a 4 Tonne Maximum Vehicle Weight Restriction Effective Immediately. With the wet conditions, there is a section of this road that has become a road hazard. For general safety and to protect infrastructure, the RM of Biggar kindly requests the public to refrain from driving heavy trucks and /or equipment on this road until this hazard can be repaired. This notice will be in place until construction is complete. Thank you for your cooperation.

For a map of the road please click here…


DriftWatch is as specialty Crop Site Registry by FieldWatch

This site helps crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators to work together in protecting specialty crops and apiaries using mapping programs.

For more details, please visit the link below

DriftWatch - Home



Please be advised that SaskPower contractors will be in the RM of Biggar for Wood Pole Inspections.

For more details please click here…


Programs for Farmers and Ranchers

Funding to support farmers and ranchers, including the Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP), Resilient Agricultural Landscapes Program (RALP) and Animal Health and Bio-security Program.

Please checkout the following link. please click here...

Business Park - Lots for Sale


Municipal Water Wells

Please be advised that the municipal wells located on the NE 10-35-17 W3 and SW 04-35-13 W3 have monitoring units installed. 

To access water, prepayment for water and a fob must be picked up at the municipal office.

The rates are as follows:

  • Ratepayers - $3/1000 gallons
  • Non-Ratepayers - $5/1000 gallons

Municipal Office – Visitor Guide

The Municipal Office is located at 201-2nd Ave. West

Office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Make a Payment

The Rural Municipality of Biggar accepts the following forms of payments.

  • In Person Payments
  • Online Banking Payments
  • Mail In Payments

In Person Payments - either by cash, cheque, or debit

Online Banking Payments - The RM accepts online payments for accounts receivable and property taxes. To make an online payment log into your online banking and select add payee and complete a search typing in Rural for the Royal Bank and Biggar for the Credit Union. See this link for the guide. If you need assistance, please call the office at 306-948-2422. 

Mail In Payments - Cheque

When paying taxes be sure to enter the amount due for the month you are making the payment this information is on your tax notice. Different discounts apply to the months of September, October and November. If you have questions or not sure the amount please call or email the office. 

306-948-2422 or rm347csr@sasktel.net


Friendly reminder that the garbage truck at the RM Shop is only for HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE.

Ratepayers may pick up a voucher at the office for recycling. There is no charge for this service.

If you have any questions please contact the office at 306-948-2422. Thank you for your co-operation.